It’s a new furniture initiative by Tata Steel. We are already into the steel furniture space by the name Steel n Style. Tata Steel has done pretty well with it. Now it is all geared up to cater to premium space. You are looking for stylish furniture but at the same time you would not have the time to get a carpenter design the furniture to match your décor. And today you certainly seek durability with such high investments in furniture. Tata Steel’s Cyan addresses all this. It is a stylish range of wardrobe that ensures durability. Moreover it is customizable. You can design it to match your décor.

The cost will depend on the wardrobe make. You can design the wardrobe like you desire and also match your budget. The cost would depend on the elements that you will pick.

CYAN wardrobes are currently available in Chandigarh tricity, Ludhiana and nearby areas in Punjab. It will soon be available in other regions too.

You will receive the warranty card with the welcome kit. The warranty period is 1 year.

Don’t have to worry about damages/repair requirements as the product is from Tata Steel. It is a high quality product and the accessories are of German make. However, hypothetically if there is any damage within the warranty period it would be taken care by us within a span of 2-3 days.

Your product will be delivered and fitted in 5 days. If you want a wardrobe exactly matching a particular size and which is different from the standard sizes, then it would depend on the requirement. In general, it is around 3 weeks. Accordingly, you are free to pick any date. Our technical experts will ensure it is placed perfectly as per your wish and installation is completely free.

The installation will be completed within 2 days of the wardrobe being delivered. In most cases, it is done on the day of delivery itself.

You can enter your contact details in the “Please contact me” link. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

There is a dedicated professional installation team which performs the installation. But, you can make changes in the internal configuration yourself also, after it has been installed.

Cyan is a customizable storage solution. You can even design your own wardrobe configuration from the available elements and we will help deliver that to you. If you want “x” number of shelves; you will get “x” shelves at the required place. You can choose to have a locker and also hanging spaces. Cyan also has a loft storage option. You can choose to have loft to store your seasonal utilities like blankets, bed sheets. You can store books as well. The loft is a separate element, so you can place it in the kitchen to store other utilities if you wish to.

You just have to order new doors. Cyan has a unique feature where the base unit is the same and you can change the shutters/door to match your décor. This involves no carpenter. Out fitters will replace your wardrobe doors with the new ones you have picked, whenever you need. You can even buy some shutter option and change them yearly. This way you can keep up with the new trends of home furnishing and have a new look every time. Cyan has multiple door options that are unique and beautiful. As you can see in the brochure, the ranges are shown.

  • Cyan Tourmaline is our basic model which promises endurance and has a great value for money.
  • Cyan Garnet is a wardrobe with customised look. All wardrobes would be unique. It maintains loyalty to you
  • Cyan Emerald comes with an MDF finish ensuring high productivity and less maintenance
  • Cyan Peridot comes with an MDF finish with Mica gloss which is scratch proof and aesthetically very appealing
  • Cyan Topaz range offers teak ply shutter. This is your best friend if you’re a wooden furniture fan and you want durability.  
  • Cyan Zircon comes with a vinear shutter with ply biding. It gives a wooden furniture look with a primitive feel that accounts for it being an antic piece of furniture.
  • Cyan Diamond comes with a reflective finish shutter. It sparkles like a diamond
  • Cyan Ruby comes with designer MDF finish. It is beautiful and strong

Just pick up the phone and call us on toll free no. 18003458282. If it’s outside normal business hours leave a message and we will call you back within 24 hours. Alternatively email us at cyan@tatasteel.com