Extend the wardrobe as your family grows

As your family grows, so does their needs and utilities. With Cyan, this will be not be a worry at all. You can enjoy the time with your family without any storage problems. One of the important features is that Cyan is extendable. All you have to do is decide how much more storage space you want and within no time, the additional space will be there at your disposal. Cyan will allow you to extend your wardrobe as and when you want both vertically and horizontally.

Modular and Choice of internal Configuration

The internal configuration can be changed as per your requirements and also you can choose to have any add on from our wide range of options. This is not just limited to the time of purchase but anytime later during the use, you can choose to change the configuration and add on.

Wardrobe designs to match your taste

Are you in a dilemma that your wardrobe will not match when you change your room décor? Go ahead and change the room décor according to your taste and the wardrobe will match your décor. Now with Cyan you have an option to change the doors whenever you wish. With an amazing range of option we are sure you will always find an option to match the decors